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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

We carry out the collection and management of electrical and electronic equipment waste.


We have implemented and consolidated a logistics network at the national level, guaranteeing an efficient service, regardless of the specific needs and conditions of each case.

Through the collection of WEEE, we generate raw materials such as copper, aluminum, plastic and iron that give rise to new equipment.

Network of transport companies

With agreements that allow us to reach all points of the state; both for proximity and long-haul charges.

Planta de reciclaje

A great team

More than 15 logistics professionals who allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to the collection points.


Products we work with

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Fragmented iron

Refinería de Metales Preciosos y no Ferrosos


Refinería de Metales Preciosos y no Ferrosos

Fragmented plastic

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Temporary Storage Centers

Support for our transport network is guaranteed with our own and subsidized Temporary Storage Centers (CAT), which are distributed throughout the national territory.

Locations of Treatment Plants and CATs in the Peninsula

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Other linked services

– Dismantling of facilities (industries and Production Centers, Commercial Centers and Facilities, etc.)

– Technical uninstallation (CPD/Branches/Bank Entities…).

– Parallel services: testing, taking serial numbers and remarketing (express request), recovery of parts and components (express request), physical destruction of digital media containing classified information.

Residuos de Aparatos Eléctricos y Electrónicos

Apart from MOVILEX RAEE, we have another line of business: Refinery of Precious and Non-Ferrous Metals