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We are

Circular Economy

That is why our job is to promote the use of resources from elements at the end of their useful life.

At Movilex we are capable of generating economic benefits through 100% green practices and initiatives, where sustainability is paramount.

With this process, we recover its presence in the production chain, so that it is not only a generator of wealth but also contributes to sustaining the natural environment, avoiding having to produce new raw materials.

A company committed to sustainable and responsible growth

Our values define us

At Movilex we understand that growth starts from our team and its commitment. We are made up of a staff of professionals that continues to grow day after day.

Our priority is process control. We do not try to produce for the sake of producing; what makes us stand out is that we consider quality as one of the main aspects of the company.

With effort, improvement and perseverance, we have positioned ourselves as a committed and efficient company.

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We are a company that was born in 2009 in the municipality of Lobón, in Badajoz. Since then, we have not stopped growing and expanding. Always made up of a professional and human team capable of tackling great business challenges. We are committed to the environment and we trust that our actions will continue to bear fruit.

The environmental component is essential in our business strategy