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At MOVILEX we comply with the regulatory and legal requirements that the administrations
public and fraction markets have established for the correct development of the activity in the environmental, quality and social responsibility fields. In addition, we have set ourselves a series of objectives to promote sustainable development.

A Quality Management System

We include within our Management System a specific procedure for the Process of Collection, Transport, Reception, Classification, storage and Recovery of WEEE, which includes the necessary documentation for the collection and transport from the origin to its treatment facilities.

This documentation has been adapted to comply with the new Royal Decree 553/2020 of June 2, which regulates the transfer of waste within the territory of the State and Royal Decree 110/2015 on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

A controlled process

Once the WEEE is received at our facilities, it is classified by type, stored and identified, guaranteeing knowledge of its traceability from origin. In this way, a controlled process is exercised and a correct control of the stock, continuing with the Treatment by order of entry (FIFO System). With the fractions obtained after the processes, the same identification procedure is applied, guaranteeing their control «downstream» until their final destination in the Authorized Specific Manager, thus closing their life cycle.

Movilex has the following authorizations:

– VFU Line: AAU 15/054

– METAL line: AAU 12/214

– Valuation: AAI 13/014.

– RNP Transport: EX/427

– Transport of hazardous waste: EX/134

– Non-Hazardous Waste Line: 528/V/RNP/CV

– Hazardous waste line: 644/A/RTP/CV

– WEEE Line: 7/V/RAE/CV

At MOVILEX we are constantly adapting to the best technologies and processes to ensure the objectives and recycling rates (%) established by regulations