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Corporate Social Responsibility

Currently, the 2030 Agenda is more present than ever in all the action plans of national and international companies. At MOVILEX, the SDGs are part of the essence of our activity, and we work in alignment with them.

We are part of the change and our main tool is the Circular Economy

Our Goals for Sustainable Development

SDG 7: We have installed solar panels in our facilities to make responsible use of energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

SDG 8: At MOVILEX we create quality jobs and generate employment in the community, thus giving wealth to nearby rural areas.

SDG 9: Carrying out R&D projects and renovating plants to achieve our objectives, not only economic, but also environmental.

SDG 11: We managed to create jobs and wealth in the area, avoiding exoduses to large cities and contributing to the sustainable development of communities.

SDG 12: One of our pillars and the basis of our way of business is the Circular Economy, producing in a sustainable way so that these raw materials return to their life cycle and, in this way, close the circle.

SDG 13: the basis of our work, our reason for being. We are protectors of the environment, we remove everything that pollutes it, and we treat it appropriately, without losing sight of our green values in the processes.

With our actions, we can achieve a more efficient and responsible world. We believe that the Circular Economy is the true engine of change