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Precious and Non-Ferrous Metals Refinery

In the Fracziona Recycling business line, we take care of converting waste
of metals into new raw materials with higher purity.

We get better quality metals to later restore their useful life and give them a new use, this activity being an example of CIRCULAR ECONOMY


It is located in Lobón (Badajoz) and is the new MOVILEX plant that has set out to go further in the world of innovation in recycling.

This plant is specialized in refining metals. It develops the Refinery line of Non-Ferrous and Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Copper and Palladium) contained in the residues of, fundamentally, electronic boards, cables and radiators.

The FRACZIONA RECYCLING plant in Lobón has infrastructure and qualified personnel for the
development of activities:

– Classification Zone

– Crusher

– Foundry

– Electrolysis Zone

– Chemical separation zone

– Refining Zone

These facilities have their proper Authorization to carry out their activity.

Refinería de Metales Preciosos y no Ferrosos

Products we work with


Metales preciosos

Copper shot

Refinería de Metales Preciosos y no Ferrosos


Reciclaje de metales preciosos

We work with the relevant authorizations and certifications, offering a quality service